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Buying or Selling a Property? You'll need your property surveyed.

Residential Surveying

Commercial Surveying

Whether you're adding on to a shopping center or renovating a building, you need a professional surveying report.

Commercial Surveying

Construction Surveying

Any new construction needs a full and expert surveying crew to make your project successful.

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Residential Surveying in the Houston, TX Area

Surveying in Katy, TX, Houston, TX and other areas for new home buyers and sellers

Residential surveying is much more than just getting a picture of the property. The reports that come from a professional residential surveying team are essential for making sure your investment is completely protected. Surveys are completed thoroughly and efficiently, by professionals who have been working in the surveying industry for over 20 years in the Houston, TX area.

If you're buying or selling a property; if you need a new boundary survey for an existing property; or if you're looking for a lot split or consolidation, call Hawkland Surveying today.

Commercial Surveying in the Houston, TX Area

From condominium plats to telecommunications, commercial surveying is a necessity for new properties and for altering existing ones.

Commercial surveying of properties in Katy, TX and the surrounding area is necessary for a variety of reasons. Rezoning, boundary surveys, even FEMA elevation certification surveys are all reasons why commercial property owners might need a professional surveying company.

Hawkland Surveying has been providing commercial surveys for over 20 years with a team of experts and the most advanced technology available. Call today to schedule a free estimate and to get your commercial survey underway quickly in the Houston, TX area.

Houston's Trusted Construction Site Surveyors

From start to finish, our construction surveying services will get you what you need to build successfully.

When a construction company begins planning a site development, there are surveys that must be performed for construction staking, land grading and the permitting process. The reports gathered from these surveys are essential for completing any new project successfully.

Construction staking surveys make sure that your carefully constructed plans and blueprints don't fall apart when the build begins. Don't trust such essential surveys to just any crew - call the professionals at Hawkland Surveying in the Houston, TX area and get your project started on the right foot.