Land Surveying

Understand the Logistics of Building on Your Property

Understand the Logistics of Building on Your Property

Hire a land surveyor to answer your every question in Katy or Houston, TX

Land surveying can be an invaluable service for anyone who owns a piece of land. With the help of a professional surveyor, you can learn vital information about your property.

Does your land exist in a flood zone? How close to the road can you build? How many trees will the city allow you to plant? All these questions need answers before you perform any work, and Hawkland Surveying can guide you to those answers.

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Why you need land surveying services

A lot of situations call for land surveying. Hawkland Surveying can help you if you are:

  • Buying land for a home or business
  • Selling land to another party
  • Performing new construction on your land

Make sure your land is ready for the next phase of its life. Work with Hawkland Surveying on your project by calling 713-906-9790 now.

In Search for a Land Surveyor?

Rely on a skilled and experienced company for commercial land surveys

Are you planning a commercial construction project and need a knowledgeable land surveyor in Katy, TX or the Houston , TX area? Reach out to Hawkland Surveying. Land surveying will allow you to properly locate the boundary lines on your property and determine if the land is suitable for your project.

If easements and right-of-ways are not accounted for during the planning process, you could end up paying the price. When you hire Hawkland Surveying for land surveying, you'll avoid potential risks and liabilities.

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Understand your property's topography

When you hire Hawkland Surveying for land surveying services, we'll provide a thorough and detailed survey of your land so you can start construction and development work ASAP. We'll:

  • Pinpoint the precise boundary lines so you can avoid future disputes
  • Give you a better understanding of your property value
  • Detect and inform you of any structural or soil issues that could prevent construction

Whether you are constructing a strip mall or an office building, you can count on Hawkland Surveying for all your land surveying needs.

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